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At HVI, we're committed to providing our customers with the latest sewer repair technology. We're proud to offer QuickLock point repair services for sewer lines.

QuickLock is a trenchless pipe repair method with a patented compression sleeve and locking system to repair damaged pipes. This method is ideal for repairing small sewer pipe sections with cracks, holes, or other damage.

Our experienced technicians use QuickLock to provide fast and effective repairs that minimize disruption to your property. QuickLock point repairs can be completed quickly and efficiently, often in just a few hours.

Benefits of QuickLock

  • Trenchless: QuickLock is a trenchless pipe repair method, which means we can complete repairs without digging up your property or disrupting your landscaping.
  • Cost-effective: QuickLock is a cost-effective alternative to traditional sewer line repair methods, requiring less time and labor.
  • Quick and efficient: QuickLock point repairs can be completed quickly and efficiently, minimizing disruption to your property and reducing downtime.
  • Long-lasting: QuickLock repairs are durable and long-lasting, providing a reliable solution for damaged sewer lines.

The Structural Sleeves

QuickLock is a strictly mechanical point repair system for the inside repair of pipes. No resin is involved. This revolutionary system consists of only (2) components:

1. a 316L stainless steel sleeve structural body

2. Covered by a seamless EPDM compression seal

The sleeve maintains high corrosion resistance, functioning in sewage and potable water. This sleeve is the new interior of the pipe and will augment the structural integrity.

The vulcanized EPDM rubber sealing gasket distinguishes itself with these excellent physical properties:

  • Resistance to aging
  • Resistance against sewage, thinned acids, and lye
  • Conditionally resistant against aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons (oils, grease, fuels)

Different gasket materials are available for individual environmental conditions.

How It Is Installed

Through the manhole, the sleeve is inserted into the pipe and placed over the damaged section. The sleeve is expanded and permanently locked into position using an inflatable packer.

Locking Gear Mechanism

Two saw-tooth channels are punched into the left and right side of the sleeve. In each channel, a locking and gear mechanism guides the sleeve sheet while being installed. Using the packer to expand the sleeve, the gear works like a one-way ratchet. Upon reaching maximum compression pressure, both gears lock into place and stay locked permanently.

The distance between tooth groove and tooth tip is one click. That means the maximum possible return stroke from tooth tip to the next lower groove may cause a maximum diameter reduction after compression of only about 0.025 inch, independent of the nominal size. Therefore, the locking mechanism operates in an almost infinitely-variable way.

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